How to Install an Attic Ventilation Fan How to Install an Attic Ventilation Fan

What You'll Need
Saber Saw, Circular Saw
Utility Knife
Shutters or Ventilation Cap

An attic ventilation fan is an electrically powered ventilation device that helps keep the attic free from moisture and heated air. The installation of the fan is an easy do-it-yourself project for people who are not afraid to cut holes on the walls or on the roof itself. An attic ventilation fan also helps increase the energy-efficiency of a home especially during summer when the heat can rise to unprecedented temperatures. Here is how to install an attic ventilation fan.

Step 1 – Choosing the Best Fan

Attics that are relatively huge require a more powerful fan. Determine how powerful the fan should be before purchasing. Ask around for information regarding attic fans and choose one that best fits the requirements and the budget as well. There are attic ventilation fans that are installed right onto the roof, while some are installed at the gables.

Step 2 – Determine the Location of the Fan

Attic ventilation should be as close to the peak of the roof as much as possible to ensure that hot air escapes the interior of the attic. Mark the location where the fan will be installed. Drill a hole through the roof and shingles and stick a wire inside it to be able to locate the hole from the outside.

Step 3 – Cut Holes

Get outside and on top of the roof to locate the drilled hole. Use the template that comes with the fan and use it as a guide when cutting the rest of the roofing material. Use a saber saw or a circular saw for this task. If there are any shingles on the roof, use a utility knife to remove it from the surface of the roof before cutting a hole for the fan. If the fan is to be installed on the gables, simply trace the hole using the fan template and cut through it using a circular saw.

Step 4 – Mount the Fan

Before connecting the wires, make sure to secure the fan to the roof or the gables first. Locate the screw holes on the fan and fit the fan onto the roof or gable. Mark the screw holes on the wall or roof and pre-drill them. Afterwards, screw the entire fan onto the roof or wall. Make sure that the all screws are tight enough.

Step 5 – Connect the Wiring

Turn off the power supply and install the switch of the fan. Connect the wiring from the fan to the switch and from the switch to the power supply. The instructions for the wire connections are usually included in the manufacturer’s instructions on the product manual.

Step 6 – Install the Shutter or Ventilation Fan Cap

After mounting the fan onto the gable or the roof, install the shutter outside the gable or the ventilation fan cap outside of the roof. Every cap will install differently depending on the manufacturer’s instructions. Turn on the power supply and test the attic ventilation fan.

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