How to Install an Audio Equalizer to Your Home Entertainment System

A speaker.
What You'll Need
Stereo RCA cables (2 in number)
User's manual

One of the best ways to improve or adjust the quality of sound of a home entertainment system according to personal taste and listening preferences is by installing an audio equalizer. An audio equalizer is essentially an electronic device that will adjust the audio data in different frequency ranges. It alters the pre-encrypted energy levels of the sound to boost it or mellow down as per the listener’s choice. With this reading, you will be able to easily install an audio equalizer to their home entertainment system.

Step 1 - Study Home Entertainment System

Before making any kind of wiring connections, you should read the user's manual to understand the different parts of the home theater system. Figure out the different sources of data, audio signals, and the sources that decode this data or audio frequencies into sound. When the decoder and encoder devices are known, you'll know that the audio equalizer needs to be installed in between the circuit that joins these two.

Step 2 - Choose the Input Source

None of the popular home entertainment systems come pre-configured to install any external audio equalizers. You have to create a distribution point where the equalizer will be installed so that it will modify the audio data of all the input points. Choose any one input source, like a DVD player, and create the distribution point.

Step 3 - Install Analog Equalizer

If the audio equalizer is analog, the analog output of the source, which is stereo RCS wire, must be connected into the input of the equalizer device. The output from the equalizer has to be connected with the input point of the audio decoder device.

Step 4 - Install Digital Audio Equalizer Installation

When the audio equalizer is digital, it becomes even easier. The equalizer can be set up between the digital input of the decoder and the digital output of the source, using the coaxial digital connection wire.

Step 5 - Adjust Frequency of Equalizer

It's time to test the installed equalizer and set its frequency as desired. Put on the source of the sound (video source or audio source) to establish the connection. Set the frequency of the equalizer to alter the sound.

One thing to note is that only the frequency of source that has been joined with the equalizer will be affected. If you want to alter the frequency of all the different sources of sound in the home entertainment system, you'll have to establish new distribution points each time. The hassle could be cut by installing separate equalizers for each sound source, but that will be a costly step to take. You can now listen to your favorite sound quality without wondering how to adjust the audio of your expensive home entertainment system.