How To Install An Automatic Gate Opener Mount

An automatic gate opener is an automatic arm which is capable of opening and closing the gate. The on-board circuit instructs your gate to open, close or reverse as necessary when it receives a signal from an access control. But sure to obey all the safety guidelines when you install the gate openers. Only proper installation assures there will be no chance of hazards and you will be able to enjoy long-lasting service provided by the automatic gate openers.

What Are the Available Devices?

Automatic gate openers are controlled by the access controls. There are different types of access controls including remote, keypads, exit sensors and intercoms. Different access controls act on separate principles but results in the same gate operation.

How To Install the Opener

Automatic gate opener installation involves digging holes in the ground to put up the posts and trenches. It is best that you mark the proposed area with spray paint and ask your local utility companies to mark the underground utilities before digging.

  1. If you don’t have an existing gate, drill the hole for the gate post and have the gate hanged.
  2. Drill holes for putting up the gate opener control box.
  3. Mount the control board cautiously so that the full functionality of the gate is not affected.
  4. When you are installing the sensor device, bury the sensor on the property side of the gate 1 foot deep in the soil, and about 50 feet away from the gate.
    The exit sensor has to be buried in the trench and the wire connected to the gate opener control box.
  5. Connect the wires from the keypad, the exit sensor and the power source to the control box. The control arm is directly connected to the control box.
  6. Install a keypad post. 
  7. The control box is the brain of the automatic gate opener system. All the wires are connected to the control box. It is kept mounted near the gate hinge post and connected to a battery. The battery gets periodically or constantly charged by an electric line or a solar panel.

Your automatic gate operators are installed and the gate ready. Observe all the proposed safety measures to enjoy your automatic gate fully.