How to Install an Automatic Light Switch

What You'll Need
Automatic light switch
Wire cutter
Electrical tape
Wire nuts

Automatic light switch helps to turn on and turn off lights, both indoor and outdoor, automatically. Mainly there are two types of automatic light switch, one can be programmed to turn on and turn off light after a given time. You can set this time on the timer of the switch. Another type works with the help of light sensor. This switch turns on and turns off the power supply depending on the light reaching the light sensor. The automatic light switches are very useful and performs very well. At first you might think that installing them is a difficult task to perform, but actually it is very easy and can be done with just basic knowledge about electrical circuit.

Step 1: Turn Off the Power Supply

At first you must turn off the circuit breaker and make sure that there is no current in the circuit where you are willing to install the switch. You can also switch of the power supply from the mains as an added precaution. If the power supply is not turned off properly you might get a strong electrical shock and the consequences might be fatal also.

Step 2: Removing the Old Switch and Wiring

You must use the screwdriver to loosen the screw of the old switch from the switch box and then pull it out. Next loosen the screw of the terminals where the live wire neutral wire and the ground wire is present. After disconnecting these wires from the switch check if the wires are in a proper condition or not. If the end of the wire is damaged cut that portion and use the stripper to remove the insulation for about half an inch.

Step 3: Connecting the Automatic Light Switch

The connection to the automatic switch is exactly similar to the connection of an ordinary switch. Like any ordinary switch the automatic switch has two terminals at its back side and one ground terminal. Connect the two wires with the two terminals of the switch and the ground wire with the ground terminal. Tighten the screw properly and see to it that no extra wire is coming out from the terminal otherwise they might cause sparks and damage the switch. In some case you might require wire nuts to fix the connection. In most automatic switches it is not needed but if required use them.

Step 4: Installation

In most of the cases the dimension of an automatic light switch is like that of an ordinary electrical switch. So the switch goes in and fits perfectly in the switch box and you do not need to change the space where the old switch was present. In case it’s bigger, you can either replace the switch box or cut and widen the slot for making a bigger space. After putting the switch in place tighten the screws and fix the automatic switch in place.

Step 5: Turn On the Power

Turn on the power supply and your automatic light switch is ready for its use.