How to Install an Electric Fence Break Detector

What You'll Need
Electric fence break detector
Wire cutter
Digging tool
Silicone caulk

Installing an electric fence break detector can save you time that it would take to go looking for your lost dog who found out before you that there is a break in your invisible fence. Your invisible dog fence transmitter will beep meaning that there is a break in the electric fence system. If going out and purchasing an electric fence break detector sounds too costly for your pockets, you can try this method to quickly find the break in the electric fence and mend it before your dogs find out about it.

Step 1 – Testing Out a Portion

One frustrating thing about trying to find breaks in the boundary is that since the electrical fence is invisible, it takes patience and perseverance to find the affected area. Take both ends of the boundary wire and connect them to the first terminal on your transmitter. Measure a boundary wire about half the length of your boundary loop and cut out a new wire set. Find the second terminal on the transmitter and attach the new wire to it. Find out where is the middle point in your boundary loop and cut. Attach loose ends of the new wire pieces to either end of your boundary loop at the middle point. Now turn the system on and check the electric signals of this smaller loop with your dog’s receiver collar.

Step 2 –Finding the Break

If your system continues to beep or not work, then there is a break in this portion of your boundary. Going through the same steps, repeat the procedure for the other side of the loop. Once a break has been discovered, go to the middle of that section and cut the wire using wire cutter. Splice the first cut that you’ve made and caulk it using silicone caulk in order to make it waterproof. Attach the new wire to your boundary loop at the cut you made in the previous step. Turn on the electric fence and check the range of the loop with the receiver collar.

Step 3 –Repeat

Repeat until the damaged portion of the electric fence become evident. Now you must replace damaged wire with new wire. Also try to same size wires in your boundary loop.

Finding it using this method might be tedious work but the added benefit is that there is no extra cost! Some professionals charge $100 per hour to come out and walk around your yard to find the break. Because the wires have been buried underground, it might be hard to see where the wires have been actually buried in order to check. If you have an especially big yard, it would take that much more time and thus, more money to have your yard professionally checked. You can also try to buy your own fence break detector but the quality of the machine is very poor and some machines have not been made sensitive enough to pick up signals from the wire buried underground. So be systematic and try out this method. Save money!