How to Install an Electric Pet Fence How to Install an Electric Pet Fence

What You'll Need
Electronic fence kit
Circular saw with masonry blade
Safety glasses
Asphalt caulk

If your dog has a habit of escaping from your yard, an electric pet fence can be an ideal way of ending his escapades. It works by warning your dog as he approaches the fence but delivers a very mild electric shock if he tries to cross the line of the wire. The fence is easy to install and the shock it delivers will train the dog without harming him in any way at all.

Step 1: Electronic Fence Kit

Before you purchase your electric pet fence kit, you need to measure the perimeter of your yard because the wire will have to go all the way around it. It’s important that you do this properly so you can buy a kit which contains enough wire for the project.

Your electronic fence kit will contain all of the components you need for an electronic pet fence. There should be a transmitter which sends out the signal and a receiver which is actually the collar your pet will wear. You will also be provided with warning flags and the amount of wire you’ll need to install the fence to your yard.

Step 2: Digging

The wire for your electronic pet fence will be buried under the ground rather than showing above it. To do this, you’ll need to use your shovel and dig a trench all around the perimeter of your yard for the wire to lay into.

It need only be a thin trench that goes down about 3 inches into the ground. When you come to the corners in your yard, don’t dig 90-degree angles, but curve them instead. A sharp corner not only affects the signal to the receiver, but it can also cause the wire to break.

Step 3: Driveway

Inevitably, you’ll need to cross a driveway or path on your property and you won’t be able to dig underneath it. This is where you will need the circular saw and masonry blade to use with it. Put on your safety glasses first and cut through the stone or tarmacadam all the way through to the earth before laying your wire. Fill in the gap in the driveway with asphalt caulk. When you have laid the wire all around your yard, fill the trench in with earth so the wire is completely buried.

Step 4: Transmitter

You need to make sure that the transmitter is in a place where it’s well protected from the weather and also near an outdoor outlet. It will also need to be accessible to the wire. Different manufacturers will have different requirements for hooking up the wire to the transmitter so make sure you follow their instructions.

Step 5: Warning Flags

With the collar acting as the receiver, in your hand, walk around the perimeter just inside the wire fence. In several spots you’ll hear a beep from the collar. Place warning flags whenever you hear one of these.

Step 6: Training

Place the collar on your dog and let him out in the yard. He will try to escape but will receive a number of small shocks before he learns not to go beyond the fence. There are ways to train him to this that should be used in conjunction with the fence and you should follow these methods appropriately.

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