How to Install an Electric Wall Heater Part 1 How to Install an Electric Wall Heater Part 1

What You'll Need
Stud finder
Measuring tape
Marker or pencil
Drywall saw

You must take care when installing an electric wall heater. Follow the simple steps below to do the job yourself without having to spend money on a professional.

Step 1: Determine the Location

To begin, determine the location where you shall be installing the heater. This will depend on the area you wish to heat, the free space available on the wall and the size of the heater. Pick the heater according to the dimensions of the room or area to be heated. The larger the area, the more powerful and probably the bigger the heater will need to be. The manufacturer of the unit will recommend the best size of heater for your room.

Locate the studs to make sure there is enough space between them. Furthermore, make sure that there are no pipes or ducts in that area, and that the heater will not be too close to curtains or other draperies. Once you take into account all these factors, you can then proceed to purchase the heater and then install it.

Step 2: Purchase the Heater

Make sure you shop around so as to make a well informed purchasing decision. There are various types and sizes of heaters available, and some may have additional functions and features. You may also wish to set a budget and take into account the warranties offered by different manufacturers. Make sure the supplier from whom you purchase the heater is reliable one and that the company will be able to guide you and help you where needed.

Once you purchase the heater, make sure you carefully read all the accompanying instructions before starting the installation process.

Step 3: Cut the Wall

Mark the area where you will cut the drywall. Follow your guide using a drywall saw or rotozip saw.

Step 4: Plan the Route for the Circuit and Run the Cable

Once you have cut the drywall, start planning and fixing the cabling so as to install the heater. Basically, you will have to run the cable from the service panel to the heater. Push the cable into the gap for the heater's inner connection area and then secure the cable in there. To pull the cable more easily, you can attach a heavy nut to one end of the string; the weight will help you to fish the wires with ease. Then tape the string to the cable that you will run.

Now you are ready to move on to Part 2 of this guide and complete this project.

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