How to Install an Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

An electric fireplace.
What You'll Need
Wall mounted fixture
Mounting screws
Electric outlet

Learning how to install an electric wall mount fireplace will help you take advantage of free space in your home. This is an effective and easy solution to bring heat to that nook. Electric wall mount fireplaces are useful especially if you can’t use an existing traditional fireplace. It looks impressive and works wonderfully too. You'll find yourself enjoying these winter months in a cozy atmosphere that only a fireplace can provide.

Step 1 - Choose an Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

First of all, you must choose a wall mount fireplace that will fit your needs. Make sure that it can be attached to the wall without any special requirements. The only thing you will need to hold it firmly in place is the mounted fixture. There are many sizes you can choose from, but they all provide the same useful function.

Their prices will vary depending on extra features like sleep timers, mood lighting, and images of the flame. Make sure the one you purchase is made with stainless steel so that it’s durable. To save on electricity, check if the heat can be adjusted to work with a lower wattage. Certain models can be installed on a patio too.

Step 2 - Check the Condition of The Wall

To avoid the hard work of wiring, the electric wall mount fireplace will just be attached to the surrounding plate of the wall. It won’t be inserted into it. Check if there are crevices that can’t hold the unit’s weight. When you buy the mounting screws, tell your retailer what kind of wall you have so that he can give you the right model. With these special screws, you can avert damage to your wall and prevent the mounted fireplace from falling down.

Step 3 - Test the Fireplace

Test the fireplace before you attach it. Take it out of the packaging and plug it in. Now, look for the “On” button and push it. Using your owner’s manual, select an option and test if the heat comes out of the vents. In some cases, you’ll smell an unusual odor coming out of the appliance. This is normal when testing it for the first time.

Step 4 - Install the Electric Wall Mount Fireplace

First, select the location where you want to install the fireplace and drill holes to attach the mounting bar. Once it’s firmly attached to the wall with the screws, you’ll see three mounting holes at the back of the fireplace. You just need to mount these to the mounting hooks on the wall. It’s recommended that you have a friend help you to lift the heavy unit. After this, you can plug the fireplace in and turn it on.

Now that you’ve installed the electric wall mount fireplace, make sure to never obstruct its heat flow by covering the upper vents.