How to Install an Infrared Sauna Heater

What You'll Need
Saunakit (this will include your hardware needed to fasten the boards together)
Help of a good friend

Installing an infrared sauna heater is something that is becoming more and more popular among homeowners today. This is a DIY project for sure. Choose the style you want, and follow the steps below. Get ready to enjoy a relaxing rest period in about 1 to 2 hours.

Step 1 - Location

Choose where you will put your sauna. Popular choices range from basements, to master bedrooms. It's really your decision based on who will use it, how often it gets used, and then of course the spot that makes the most sense.

Step 2 - Open the Box

After you've purchased the type of sauna you wanted, you will want to open the box, to make sure all the pieces are included, and familiarize yourself with the top, bottom and side boards. Then look at the bench heater, making sure you realize the sitting surface of the bench, and the bottom part of it.

Step 3 - Bottom Panel

In the first part of building this sauna, you must take the bottom panel, and place it on the area that the sauna will be placed. Many choices include: decks, floors, patios, etc.

The next step involves working with the front and bottom panel. This is the time you must ask for help from a trusty friend. Have this helper hold the front panel upright while you work on the next step.

Step 4 - Front and Bottom Panel

Now you will want to find the grooves in the bottom panel. Then you must take the front panels and put them into the grooves on the bottom panel.

Step 5 - Connecting Left to Front

Now it's time to attach the left panel to the front panel. Use the fastener equipment that is enclosed if your sauna kit, and attach it to the front and left panels. You will want to slide each of the brackets on each panel into one another to complete this step.

Step 6 - Connect it All

You will now want to do some connecting. Take the back panel and attach it to the left and right panels, then take those and attach it to the bottom panel. You will again, be using the equipment that was enclosed if your kit.

Step 7 - Place the Bench

Now that the basic sauna hut is up, choose where inside you want your bench heater to go. There is no right or wrong, personal preference is all it is.

Step 8 - Plug it in

Place you bench heater where you want it to go. Make sure you are putting the surface that is sat on upwards, and the bottom of the bench is towards the bottom. Then plug it in.

Step 9 - Top Panel

The last step in this project if working with the top panel. You will want to place the top panel onto the other panels already in place, and then one again, for the last time, attach it using the fasteners in your kit.