How to Install an In-Ground Pool Slide

What You'll Need
Friend or helping hand
Many pool kits include a slide, which can be a lot of fun for the family if the slide is installed properly. Pool slides can be hazardous to little children if not built and secured up to code. You don't want the slide to fall on top of a child leading to injury or drowning. The hardest part of installing a pool slide is connecting the pieces together correctly. It’s recommended that you have a buddy help with it as the slide could be heavy and awkward when fully assembled and you don't want to get hurt attaching it to the pool.

    Step 1: Selecting the Slide

    Selection of what type of slide you are going to purchase is very important. You have to factor in what type of pool you have. For an in-ground pool, you need to figure out how deep it is, and how the pool is angled as to not rip the liner by accident.

    Step 2: Can You Legally Install the Slide?

    Making sure you are allowed to build a slide onto the pool should be established before you purchase the kit. Local regulations may forbid adding pool slides or your municipality may require permits. A lot of neighborhoods don’t allow the slides.

    Step 3: Assemble the Slide

    Time to put the slide together; this part is hard because if you miss one screw it could potentially injure someone. For this step, you definitely need to make sure everything is installed correctly and accurately. It’s best to follow the manufacturer’s guide to build the slide. The instructions enclosed with the kit should be enough to understand and safely install the pool slide.

    Step 4: Determine the Placement of the Slide

    Placement of the slide is critical for safe installation and use. The slide needs to be on level ground with plenty of clearance. If don't have a flat area near the pool you can create one in the landscape, planning for both the area outside the pool as well as how it will impact activity and clearance in the pool. Make sure that the slide is not touching anything that it could be easily damaged such as the liner or the side of the pool.

    Step 5: Installing Your Slide

    This is when your friends come into play. A slide is heavy and awkward, so have your friend takes one side, while you take the other. No need to lift it by yourself and get injured. Slowly but precisely lower it into the pool, making sure it goes into exactly where it needs to be. If it happens to go in the wrong way, try to get as close as possible to your marked area for the slide.