How to Install an In-Line Water Filter

What You'll Need
Inline water system
Carbon filter
Pipe cutter
Installations kit

The advantages of an inline water filter cannot be ignored. The water which is supplied to every home often undergoes a series of purity checks. The water is usually supplied from different sources like rivers, water repositories etc. The water supplied from these sources are not always pure and is subjected to impurities, external dust and so on. The taste of contaminated water is unhealthy and fatal.

Water is subjected to filtration before it is supplied to the people. Even then due dirty water pipes the water still remain contaminated. Hence we need the Inline water filtration technique. An inline water filter can reduce impurities from water. This makes the water suitable for drinking and also removes the dirty odor which sometime comes with contaminated water. Such filters can be installed to the water filter system of your home. These systems use carbon canisters which get exhausted very soon. Inline water filters are also used in refrigerators. Now you will know what these filters actually do. The filter checks and attempts to remove the pollutants in the water. The pollutants may include chlorine and other organic chemicals. These pollutants cause many kinds of harmful diseases. Installing an in-line water filter is a task made easy by following the suggested steps.


Step Number 1: Find the Location

The best location to set up this water system is on the pipe of cold water supply under the kitchen sink.

Step Number 2: Remove the Pipes

Now you need to turn off the cold water supply of your home. Under the kitchen sink you need to remove the cold water pipe
which may be up to three inches long. Now remove the part between tap and water supply valve with a help of a pipe cutter.

Step Number 3: Set up the Connections

Now a new gap is created. Now you have to install the water filter there. The inlet of the filter should be connected to the water connection lines.The inlets are marked on the filter with any symbols like “In” or some other symbols. Connect this outlet to the main kitchen pipes. Even the outlet will be marked for identification. You can also follow the instructions given in the filter's mounting kit to set up the connection.

Step Number 4: Placing the Filter

Next drill holes on the walls of the compartment and the place the filter to the wall. You will be given a bracket which helps to place the filter and then use the screwdrivers to fix the screws to attach the filter on the wall. leave space near the screws so that it will not be difficult in future to change the filter. Now the filter is installed and you need to test it by running the water. Check for leaks and fix it. It is preferable to purchase a filter with a good flow rate and to look for a certified one.

Anymore you can enjoy the taste of pure water and stay healthy.