How to Install an Interior Door Transom

What You'll Need
Door Transom
Tape Measure
Circular Saw

An interior door transom is an opening that rests above the door. The transom is a decorative element made from wood or from the glass. It can be installed anytime after the construction of your home. The process of installation involves picking a material, deciding on a style and type of transom, and measuring the opening above the door. Follow the steps below for successful installation. This article assumes that an opening already exists above your door for a door transom.

Step 1: Measure the Door Transom Opening

You will need a ladder and tape measure to measure the opening for the interior door transom. Measure the opening carefully and write down the dimensions. Take the measurements to a home improvement store or window and door center in order to purchase a pre-made or custom cut door transom or the wood or glass that you are looking to install. Wood is an easier installation than glass, but the material that you use is up to your personal preference.

Step 2: Acquire Materials for Door Transom

If you decide to make a transom yourself, you will need a circular saw to cut the wood. If you are working with glass for the transom, have a glass shop custom cut the glass for you based on the measurements and dimensions that you took in Step 1.

Step 3: Cut the Wood

If you are making a wood transom, draw the pattern based on the measurements. Once the measurements are taken, cut the pattern out of the wood using a circular saw. Use a sander or sandpaper to smooth the edges before installing the door transom. You can also stain and glaze the wood transom to match the color and style of the door that it will be placed over.

Step 4: Install the Door Transom

With the transom in hand, have an assistant help you with the installation above the door. Position the transom in the opening above the door, and secure it in place with clips and caulking. Make sure that the transom is secure and in place before opening and closing the door. Clean up the area around the installation and this will conclude the installation of your interior door transom.