How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter How to Install an Under Sink Water Filter

What You'll Need
A helper (optional)
Your instruction booklet
Screw driver
Wall plugs
Water test kit

By installing an under sink water filter system you will improve the quality and the purity of the water. Many news publications have recently shown how even city tap water is filled with many different chemicals and impurities. They have even proved that some bottled water contains many sorts of impurities. In order to maintain healthy drinking water, you can easily install an under the sink water filter system by following the directions below.

Step 1 – Pull out the Instructions

After you have purchased your under the sink water filter, open the package and pull out the instructions. Review the instructions carefully and make any notes necessary. After you have read the instructions provided by the manufacturer, if you do not feel comfortable with the installation, take out the local yellow pages and call a plumber to complete the job.

Step 2 – Mount the Water Filter

Remove the mounting hardware from the package. Place it in a bucket or a bowl to make sure the small parts do not get lost. Take the water filter and mount it under the sink with the mounting hardware. Using a screw driver, screw the water filter into a stud (if present somewhere in the back of the wall behind the cabinets). You can locate the stud by using a simple stud finder. If there is no stud present at this location, take out a special set of screws that can be used for hollow-wall mounting. Alternatively, you can pull out plugs and then add the screws to the plugs.

Step 3 – Turn off Water

Locate the water shut off valves under your sink. Turn the water off completely at the shut off valve.

Step 4 – Find the Cold Water Line

Locate the cold water line under the sink. Disconnect it from the sink. Connect the cold water line to the top of the water filter. Again, pull out the manufacturer’s instructions. Look for the information concerning the fittings or connections to the water line. You will need to connect the water line into those fittings.

Step 5 – Turn on Water

Turn the water back on at the shut off valves.

Step 6 – Run the Water

Turn the water on at your tap.

Step 7 – Test the Water

To make sure the water is running through your under sink water filter, purchase a water test kit at your local home improvement center. Run the test kit under the water and check for the level of impurities. If there are few impurities, you know the filter is working through the water.

Step 8 – Replacing the Filters

Once you have completed your installation, mark your calendar with the date of next filter replacement. To get the most out of your under the sink water filter system, you need to be aware of when to change the filter.

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