How to Install an Underfloor Heating Mat Part 1 How to Install an Underfloor Heating Mat Part 1

What You'll Need
Underfloor heating mats
Measuring tape
Permanent marker
Knee pads and safety glasses

An underfloor heating mat is a great way to heat your bathroom. On a cold winter morning there are few things worse than a frigid tile floor. Installation is easier than you think and can be completed in a couple of days. In order to make the installation of underfloor heating mats easier, here is a step by step guide that will show you just what to do. In this part of the installation guide, you will learn how to plan your installation, prepare the subfloor and how inspect and test the electrical mats.

Step 1 - Measure and Plan Installation

First, you will need to measure the dimensions of the bathroom where the underfloor heating mats will be installed. If fixtures have not already been installed, use a permanent marker to mark areas where they will be placed. Underfloor heating mats cannot be installed under fixtures, so measure only the area of the room where mats can be installed.

Step 2 - Purchase Underfloor Heating Mats

Based on the dimensions of the room where heating mats will be installed, visit a local home improvement store and purchase enough materials for the job. Refer to the installation instructions for the heating mats, while at the hardware store, to help determine the coverage area for one heating mat roll.

Step 2 - Evaluate and Clean Subfloor

Make sure that the subfloor meets local code guidelines. Plywood for the subfloor needs to be in good condition and should not have water damage or appear weak or substandard. The subfloor material also must be smooth. If you are working with a concrete slab, make sure the there are no deep pits or holes in the surface (more than a centimeter or so). Sweep the subfloor and make sure that is clean, dry, and free from dirt, grease and grime.

Step 3 - Read the Installation Manual

Take the time to thoroughly review the installation manual that should be included with the underfloor heating mat kit. While this guide will provide you with good instructions for installing most types of heating mats, you should become familiar with any instructions that might be specific to the particular brand and type of heating mat that you will install.

Step 4 - Test the Heating Mats

Use a multimeter to test the heating element of the heating mats. In order to test the mats, you will need to place the probe on both core elements of the heating wire. Some multimeters will have a light that will illuminate to indicate the circuit is closed and that everything is okay. With other multimeters, you need to select the 'Resistance' setting and then use the probes to test for continuity. If the reading on the multimeter is low, it means the circuit is closed and there are no problems with the heating mat. If the multimeter shows you an infinity sign, the circuit is broken and the heating mat needs to be replaced.

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