How to Install Anchor Bolts in a Foundation

What You'll Need
Gardening blade
Anchor bolts

It is easy to install anchor bolts in a foundation. These sturdy bolts secure the home by providing support. Follow the simple steps below to add anchor bolts to a foundation.

Step 1 – Safety First

Installing anchor bolts is an easy task, but you must take a few safety measures. Wear work gloves and a jumpsuit to protect you from wet cement, which can cause major irritation when it comes in contact with the skin.

Step 2 – Prep Work

You must prep the foundation area where the anchor bolts will be installed. Dig the hole and introduce wet cement into the space.

Step 3 – Wet Cement

Make the wet cement mixture by mixing cement and water. Use a wheelbarrow to mix the cement and the water till you get the apt consistency.

Step 4 – Caution

Take care when you are mixing dry cement. Make sure that you are doing this in an open area as the dry cement can irritate your nasal passage area.

Step 5 – Shovel

Use a shovel to introduce the wet cement. Make sure you fill the hole till the rim. The wet cement should not be too watery as it will not serve the purpose. The consistency should be more like a cake batter.

Step 6 – Use a Trowel

Before you install the anchor bolts, you will have to level the wet cement a bit. Trowel the area with a gardening blade. It is not a problem if the surface is a tab bit uneven even after you have used a trowel to make it even, it will eventually get covered.

Step 7 – Check the Consistency

You need to check the consistency of the wet cement. Figure out if it is firm enough to hold the anchor blots when introduced.

Step 8 – Introduce the Anchor Bolts

Add the anchor bolts to the wet cement. Place the bolts straight into position one after the other.

Step 9 – Push the Bolts in Place

Once the bolts are in position,  push them into the cement until only 1½ inches of the bolts is visible from the outside.

Step 10 – Allow it to Rest

Now that the bolts are sitting in the right position, you need to allow the cement to rest. This will allow it to cure so the bolts will be securely fastened.

Step 11 – Check the Bolts

Wait for 2 to 4 hours before you proceed. After the resting period, check if the anchor bolts are held by the cement. Pulling on them will reveal the strength of the cement's grip.

Step 12 – Tip

In most cases, you must place a rear guard on the anchor bolts that are jetting out of the cemented foundation area.