How to Install and Seal a Shower Escutcheon

What You'll Need
Escutcheon of your choice
Plumber's putty

Installing a shower escutcheon is not a difficult process, but it is one that you want to do correctly. The shower escutcheon is the metal plate that backs to the wall of the shower enclosure, and surrounds the shower arm, which extends out of the wall and connects to the shower head.

Step 1 - Prepare the Area and Plate

Make sure that the wall area, whether it is tile or any other type of material, around the shower arm by thoroughly cleaning it and making sure it is completely dry. Following the instructions on the container of plumbers putty, apply the putty to the back of the escutcheon plate.

Step 2 - Install the Plate

Slide the escutcheon plate up the shower arm to the wall of the shower enclosure and press the plate firmly against the wall. Hold it in place for a minute or two, applying firm, even pressure.

The plumber's putty should be applied in an even coat, all over the surface of the plate. Too much putty will make for a messy cleanup, while too little putty will not protect against the plate being water resistant. Once the plate is in place, wipe around it with a damp cloth to remove any excess putty.