How to Install and Use Ventless Fireplace Logs

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Adjustable wrench
Ventless fireplace logs
Matches (optional)

Ventless fireplace logs are a true technological marvel as you no longer need a chimney or vent. Ventless fireplace logs are used in natural gas fireplaces and can be used to replace vented fireplace logs. The ventless fireplace logs have a sensor on them that detect oxygen levels and once it reaches a certain point the gas is shut off. These logs look real but not as real as vented fireplace logs. They do, however provide a more effective heating solution and can be used in a fireplace that uses vented logs. The following article will go over to install ventless fireplace logs as well as how they are used.

Step 1 – Choose the Logs

Ventless fireplace logs come in many styles and designs. The point of them is so that they look as real as possible while producing heat that is safe and economical. Choose ventless fireplace logs that go with your style and the look of your fireplace. It usually comes down to personal taste. These logs also are rated by BTU much like air conditioners but ventless fireplace logs cannot go above 90,000. Unlike vented systems the heat does not escape up the vent or chimney and instead is nearly 100-percent in the home. Keep this in mind when choosing the logs. You also need to worry about size. Use a measuring tape and get the dimensions of the current logs. Try to adhere to these measurements as much as possible.

Step 2 – Out with the Old

Prior to removing the old logs you need to first shut off the gas line. Find the nearest shut-off valve and turn it to the left. If you cannot locate the nearest line then you will need to shut off the gas as the main line which can usually be found in the basement or laundry room if you do not have a basement. Once the gas is off you simply need to open the cover on the fireplace and lift out the logs and set them off to the side. Remove the fabric on the bottom of the fireplace to reveal the burners. Attach the burners will be a flexible gas line. Remove it using the wrench and then place the burners off to the side.

Step 3 – Install the Ventless Fireplace Logs

The installation process is rather quick and painless. Grab the gas line you remove and attach it to the new burner. Use the wrench to tighten it. Set the burner in place inside the fireplace. Ventless fireplace logs should never be covered. Place the new logs over the burners as instructed in the manual. Center it as you would like.

Step 4 – Use

At this point you can turn the gas back on. Some ventless fireplace logs will have a shut-off valve. Make sure it is open to allow for the gas flow. Wait a few seconds and hit the ignition button to start the fire. Some may require you to first light the pilot which can be done with a match.