How to Install Antivirus Software on Multiple Computers

A mom an daughter use a computer.
What You'll Need
Antivirus software
Personal computer
Installation instructions

Installing computer antivirus software on multiple computers that are not on a network can be accomplished by purchasing software and placing it on the individual machines. With a little time and patience, you can easily install antivirus software on more than one computer. Check the licensing information to make sure that the software can be installed on more than one machine. Installing single-install software on more than one computer may invalidate the licensing agreement and warranty for the software.

Step 1 - Purchase Antivirus Software

Before you attempt to install antivirus software on multiple computers, you need to purchase the software. The antivirus software can be purchased at a computer retailer or any online outlet that sells antivirus software, including freeware. Freeware will give you the greatest flexibility in terms of installation options on more than one computer, however, it may not contain all of the functionality that you need to rid your computer of harmful viruses.

Step 2 - Read the Installation Instructions

After purchasing the antivirus software, take out the installation instructions and spend some time looking at them to make sure you understand the requirements needed to install the antivirus software. During the purchase you should have checked to see that the software being purchased met the operating system, microprocessor, and other requirements that were compatible with the computer you own. If not, exchange the software for software that fits your computer system.

Step 3 - Install the Software

If the software was purchased in a package, take the install disk or disks out of their packaging and place it into the CD or DVD drive. Follow the installation instructions that appear on the screen.

If the software was downloaded from a website, go through the prompts that are provided for the installation of the antivirus software. Note the destination folder that was indicated during the initial phase of the installation and jot it down in case you have to refer to it later.

Step 4 - Repeat Installation

Repeat the installation of the software to a different computer once you complete the installation on the first machine. Follow the same instructions for installing the antivirus software on the second or subsequent machines that you plan on installing software on.