How to Install Artificial Turf How to Install Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is most commonly found on sporting fields and in stadiums. However, if you have young athletes at home, you might want to lay some artificial turf on a section of your own yard so they can practice even after a rain storm. Regular grass will be water soaked and have standing water, while artificial turf allows for the rain to drain off.

Remove Sod

If you already know where you are going to put the turf, start removing the sod that is there. You can use a sod cutter or just a shovel and garden hoe.

Lay Down Stone

Have some 3/4-inch stone aggregate delivered and set on the bare ground. Take some care to smooth out, and make sure it is level. If the stone is not level, the artificial turf will not be able to drain correctly.

Roll out Turf

Roll out the artificial turf and make sure it sits flat with no bumps. Keep all the stitches going the same way to make the overlapping easier. Cut back the end stitching and overlap the next piece of turf that is going to be laid down.

Secure to Ground

After the turf is laid out, then apply adhesive to all the seams. Roll them with a heavy roller and then drive landscape spikes through the turf every foot.

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