How to Install Audiobahn Car Speakers at Home How to Install Audiobahn Car Speakers at Home

What You'll Need
Set of screwdrivers
Allen and socket wrenches
Wire cutter
Soldering iron
Crimping tool and connectors
Electrical tape
X-acto knife

Installing audiobahn car speakers is an inexpensive and relatively easy way to upgrade a vehicle’s audio or video system. They are affordable and they are found in different sizes to suit a car’s model or shape. It is possible to fix them in the car using simple tools; all that is needed is to buy speakers that fit properly. Go through the set of instructions that come with the set of speakers too.

Step 1 – Remove the Door Panel

Start by removing the door panels so as to lift the old factory speakers from the mounting points. Locate the screw at the pivot, loosen and remove it. Gently remove the window crank using panel tools. Pay attention to avoid spoiling or damaging the interior parts of the vehicle.

For window cranks that are secured using a spring clip, use retaining clip tool or the flat end of a screw driver to lift it.

Once the window crank is removed, use a screwdriver to remove the screws on the armrest. Lift any trim around the door handle and remove the armrest. Loosen and remove screws and friction fittings on the door panel and pull it out of its mounting position.

Step 2 – Install Door Speakers

Locate a slot notched into the edge of the grille, use a screwdriver to lift the grille and remove the factory speaker. Don’t use too much force when dismounting the speaker; take care not to damage the wiring harness connected to it. Unplug the factory wiring.

Connect the audiobahn car speaker’s wiring to the terminal of the new door speaker. Make sure the polarity is correct before attaching the other end of the wiring to into the factory wiring harness. For a vehicle without wiring harness, solder or crimp the connections. Turn on the stereo and test the speaker.

Step 3 – Fasten Door Speakers

If the sound is clear, check that the wiring harness is secure. Use electrical tape to hold the wiring together and reattach the grille. Make sure that the screws or friction fitting used in the mount are fastened correctly. Fix the door panel, the arm rest and window crack.

Step 4- Remove Old Dash Speakers

Remove the screws or friction fittings that hold the grille in place using a screwdriver. Take care not to scratch or damage the surrounding dash. For grilles that are fixed from below using either screws or plastic stud, remove the entire dash panel to access the speakers.

Check the polarity of each terminal before lifting and disconnecting the old speakers from the wiring harness. Note that the positive terminal is the larger of the two and it is usually marked with a “+” or colored dot.

Step 5 - Install Dash Speakers

Connect the wiring to the new speaker. Insure that the wiring and the speaker are secure before testing it. If there is no wiring, solder or crimp the connections.

For dash speakers, do not use electrical tape to secure the wires. Excess heat on the dashboard might interfere with the connection. Reattach the grille and test the entire system.

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