How to Install Automatic Retractable Screen Storm Doors How to Install Automatic Retractable Screen Storm Doors

What You'll Need
One-and-a-half inch drywall screws
1/2 inch diameter plastic pipe
Tape measure
Drill / Driver

There are several kinds of automatic retractable screen storm doors, and the simplest one can be installed in a day. This is a screen door that operates easily, mainly because it does not swing on its hinges or roll on wheels, but instead comes down like a window shade. This kind of automatic retractable screen storm door glides up and down like a window shade. It has a fiberglass screen which is rolled inside a storage cassette or an aluminum case. The installation has to be done over the doorway horizontally. The edges of the screen are supported by aluminum side tracks which are mounted vertically to the doorjambs.

Step 1: Cutting to Size

Trim the storage cassette and screen to the proper width of your doorway. The exact measurement is 1/8-inch less than the width of the opening. Use a hacksaw to do the trimming down. 

Step 2:  Re-Assembling Cassette

Replace all the parts that you had removed before cutting the cassette. Put back the screen handle; replace plastic end caps which should fit back on to the cassette.

Step 3:  Attaching Mounting Clips

Along with the cassette there are mounting clips, so fix two of them to the head casing above the door. Each clip has a curved lip which should face towards the doorway. 

Step 4: Mounting Storage Cassette

Now the storage cassette is ready to be fitted on to the mounting clips. Lift the cassette carefully to the top of the doorway and fit it in gently on to the mounting clips.  Draw a line along each side jamb just below the cassette. 

Step 5:  Installing Side Tracks

After the pencil marking take the cassette off the mounting clips and take the measurement of the height between the sill and the pencil lines.  Subtract 1/8 inch from the dimensions, which gives you the measurements of the side tracks, which you have to cut. Put the cassette back on to the mounting clips and put the side tracks in place under the ends of the cassette.

Step 6:  Fixing of Side Tracks

Use 1 1/2-inch drywall screws to secure each side track to the frame of the door. Drive in the screws only after you have inserted a short section of plastic pipe into the track.

Step 7:  Finishing Job

You need to test the screen door whether it remains within the side tracks and latches securely when it comes down. Operate the screen up and down a number of times, and check for a smooth operation. The tension on the screen is adjusted at the factory, but if any adjustment is needed you can always open an end cap from the cassette and make the screen a little tighter. 

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