How to Install Automatic Sprinklers How to Install Automatic Sprinklers

What You'll Need
3/4 inch PVC pipe
PVC cement
PVC T Couplers
PVC valves
Tape measure
PVC couplers
Sprinkler risers
Irrigation wire

Installing automatic sprinklers benefits your lawn and your home value. In fact, this relatively inexpensive addition can add several thousand dollars to your home value and it will help your lawn look great by making sure it gets the water it needs even in the dry months.

Step 1 – Mark the Lawn

Use flags to mark the lawn where the pipes will need to be installed for your new sprinkler system. The exact spacing will depend on the risers you use and your water pressure but a 10 foot gap is a good average.

You will be laying the pipe in a tee formation with the main lines coming back towards the location of your water line. Each one of the main lines will feed a different portion of your lawn. The number of main lines you use will depend on how many sections you have. This is done to ensure that the risers receive equal pressure. Make the measurements and place flags at the appropriate locations.

Step 2 – Dig Up the Lawn

In order to install the PVC piping you will need to dig up the portions of your lawn where you will be installing the piping. Dig up a layer of grass and dirt following the path you laid out using flags. You will need to dig down just far enough where the PVC pipe will sit approximately 1 foot down. Try to keep the sod intact when removing it so you can reuse it.

Step 3 – Lay the PVC

Lay the PVC pipe out along the sections you dug out.

Step 4- Connecting the PVC

Connect the PVC using couplers. Remember to use PVC cement on the outside portion of the pipe before inserting it into the coupler. This will ensure the PVC bonds properly. If you have to cut any of the PVC, remember to remove any plastic residue. You can do this using medium grade sandpaper.

Step 5 – Install the Pipe Valves

Install the irrigation valves near the beginning on each of the sections. The number you need depends on the number of sections you have. This is directly proportional to the size of your lawn.

Step 6 – Install the Timer

Install the timer near the main water line which is feeding your sprinkler system. You will mount it directly to the wall of your house using 4 screws. The types of screws you will use depend on your houses wall type. Use tap-cons for concrete or brick and standard wood screws for a frame structure. Plug the timer into an outside outlet.

Step 7- Make the Connections

Run a low voltage, outside rated, 2 pair wire to the location where your valves are located at. Connect each of your valves to the low voltage wire provided from the timer. Finally connect the main valves to the main water line using a 3/4 inch PVC pipe and the appropriate couplers.

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