How to Install Basement Casement Windows How to Install Basement Casement Windows

What You'll Need
Window and all its components
Power drill with drill bits
Bubble level
Nails and screws
Caulking and mortar

Basement casement windows are commonly in older buildings although they can be a nice replacement or addition to any building. Casement windows come in various materials and are opened by the use of a crank or by hand. Below is step-by-step instruction to install basement casement windows.   

Basement casement windows can open in or out, depending upon what works best for your use, but an inward opening casement window may be less easy to pry open by a would-be burglar.

Step 1 – Select the Location for Your Casement Window

Take a trip down to the basement and survey where you would want the location to be for your basement window. You will need to either pick a location that already has a window space allocated (this is the best option because you will not need to create another opening or space for the window in the basement) or you can opt to add a window space to the basement rather than use an opening that is already available. If you choose to add a window space, then you need to know that it can be time consuming and may require the skills of a professional.

Step 2 - Pull Out the Old Window

Pull out the old basement window. Remove the casing and the molding that supports the window. Molding can be removed with a pry bar and a hammer. Simply place the pry bar in between the casing and the basement framing and pull the bar towards you. Use the hammer as additional leverage.

Step 3 - Make Opening Watertight

It is vital that your opening be watertight. Most likely your window is below ground level and will be coming out through a cement block wall. Use expanding insulating foam in all openings and allow it to dry.

Step 4 – Level Opening

Use your bubble level on the bottom sill and verify that the wall opening is level. If not, use a small shim to raise one side until it reads as level.

Step 3 – Place Window in Opening

Windows are held in place with a nailing flange, a strip of metal around the edge of the window. Bent, it sits flush to the wall and takes nails into the wall. You may have to bend it to a 90 degree angle if it is not already bent. Once the flange is bent, lift the window into the opening. Get someone to help you place the window. Be sure your shim hasn’t moved if you used one.

Step 4 – Nail the Window

Beginning at the top, nail in the center hole, then nail in every other hole. Check to see that your window is still level between nails. Fill all the holes with nails before you are done.

Step 5 – Mortar and Caulk

Use mortar on the exterior of the window and the wall. Use your mortar mix to seal the window inside as well.  If there are any gaps between the window and the top and sides, use the insulating foam and fill in the gaps. Once dry you can mortar over it, sealing it completely.

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