How to Install Basement Window Trim

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What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Craft Knife
Miter Saw
Hammer Drill
Set Square

Basement windows are essential to bring light and air into the underground space. There are a number of different types of windows available, each requiring some finishing touches. Window trim can be placed around the outside of a window to tidy it up and make it look much more attractive. It is an easy project as long as you have the right tools and materials available. Follow these steps to install basement window trim.

Step 1 - Choosing the Style

First you need to choose the style of window trim that you want to use. Read magazines and surf the Internet to find ideas.

Step 2 - Measurements

Take measurements around the window using a tape measure. Make sure that you include both interior and exterior measurements if you want to fit window trim to both sides of the window.

Step 3 - Preparing Your Workplace

Before work begins, prepare a large enough space to work comfortably. Ensure that the workplace is at the right height and that you have plenty of light. Collect the tools and materials that you will need, including miter saw, hammer, nails, and tape measure.

Step 4 - Cutting the Trim

Use your measurements and mark the lengths required on the pieces of wood trim. Use a pencil to mark the measurements accurately. Use a miter saw to cut the trim at a 45-degree angle to ensure that the trim fits together properly.

Step 5 - Fitting the Trim

Now the trim needs to be fitted to the area around the window frame. The easiest way to do so is to either use adhesive or to screw it into place. The walls of your basement will typically be made out of concrete, which makes it unsuitable for nails. Using both adhesive and screws is an effective way of fixing the trim to the walls.

Step 6 - Filling Holes

If you use screws, then you will need to fill the holes with wood putty no matter how small they are. It should be very easy to fill these holes with a putty knife. Allow the wood putty to dry and then use sand paper to level the surface. You might have to fill the wood several times to achieve the best result.

Step 7 - Finishing the Window Trim

Decide how you intend to finish the window trim. You can either paint or stain the window trim, depending on what you want it to look like. Give some thought to the decor of your room and the style of your windows. If you're painting the window trim, then you might need to apply more than one coat.