How to Install Bathroom Light Fixtures Over a Stud

When renovating a bathroom, you may have wall stud located at the site of planned bathroom light fixtures. This can be a complication, but there are ways to deal with this arrangement. The project will involve removing part of the wall in order to get the best from your fixtures.

Installing Bathroom Light Fixtures Over a Stud

First find the studs using a stud-finder. To find the precise location of the stud, you will need to saw through any drywall until the stud prevents the blade from continuing. You can then take a smaller blade and chop through the remaining drywall until you see the stud. You should then cut off the exposed stud, leaving the space around the stud free.

Trim around the edges, and then cover the hole using new drywall, or polyfiller (depending upon the size of the hole you have cut. Once the new drywall is in place, drive large screws into the hole, and position your bathroom light fixtures as you would have done had the stud not been there.