How to Install Brass Couplings How to Install Brass Couplings

What You'll Need
Brass Pipe
Wire Brush with Brass Bristles
Brass Couplings(Threaded)
Friction Clamp
Thread Lubricant
Plastic Tubing
Compression Nut for Plastic Tubing
Brass Adapters for Plastic Tubing

Did you recently install a brass pipe at home? If yes, then only use brass couplings at the ends of these pipes. Brass couplings are easy to install and compliment contact with brass pipes avoiding any electrolytic decomposition or any other problems. You can install brass couplings even on plastic tubings.

Step 1- Get Started

First of all you will need to hold the brass pipe firmly together with a friction clamp. The friction clamp is a device used to hold the pipe firmly while you work on it so that the pipe is not dented or marred. Friction clamps are used instead of ordinary clamps because their hold is better and they work better with the soft and delicate brass.

Step 2- Doing the Cleaning

Once you have the brass pipe in position, grab your wire brush. The wire brush with brass bristles is used to clean the softer threaded edges of the brass pipe. Use extra caution while using it and make sure not to harm the edges. The brush is also used to clean the threaded brass couplings. It helps removes any rust or dirt, and even helps get rid of old paint.

Step 3- Lubricating the Male Threads

It is important to identify between the male and female threads. After you are done with the cleaning, you will need to apply the thread lubricant only on the male threads. Do not rub the thread lubricant over the female threads. You will find the male threads at the edges of the brass pipe. The female threads are located in the brass couplings.

Step 4- Installing the Screwed Brass Couplings on Brass Pipe

It is easier to screw the threaded brass coupling when the brass pipe ends are lubricated. Use your hands to turn the brass couplings until you cannot turn anymore. Then take hold of your wrench and tighten the brass couplings so that they are properly installed.

Step 5- Installing Brass Couplings on Plastic Tubing

If you are interested in installing the brass coupling on plastic tubing instead of a brass pipe, it is also very simple. The main purpose of the brass couplings will be to weigh down the ends of the tubing in a way that it stays in the position that it is supposed to stay in. For the installation of the brass coupling you will have to take apart the parts of the brass adapter. Now take hold of one end of the plastic tubing and slip the compression nut on it. Then slide a plastic bushing and place the plastic tubing into the body of the brass coupling.  After positioning everything in order on the plastic tubing, use a wrench to fasten the compression nut on the brass couplings. Do not tighten it too much as that could rupture the plastic tubing. Repeat the same procedure to install the brass couplings at the other end of the plastic tubing.

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