How to Install Brick Pavers Over Concrete

What You'll Need
Brick pavers

If you want to renovate your existing garden patio concrete, brick pavers are one way to go. Over time, concrete can start looking worn and old, and most people remove it and replace it at this point. However, this can be a difficult job, and a simpler alternative is to leave the concrete where it is, and install brick pavers over the top. If you are interested in this idea, you don't need to call a professional, but can instead do it by yourself using only a few basic tools and following a simple guide to fitting your own brick pavers over concrete. This job can be done in a day.

Step 1 - Clean off the Concrete

Your first step is to clean off the concrete as much as you can. Use a hose to wash the area thoroughly, and then use your broom to remove any large pieces of debris. The broom is a good way of making sure that you get rid of any loose concrete, as this can prevent the pavers from sticking to it properly. You should then inspect the concrete, perhaps giving it another soaking so that you can spot any serious cracks or problems. If you find cracks, you can apply some concrete caulk to the area. Leave this to dry before you proceed to laying the pavers.

Step 2 - Begin Laying the Pavers

Once you have cleaned off the concrete, you can start adding the brick pavers. Start in a corner near the house laying the pavers up against the side of the house so that you can see the pattern that you will be intending to use. You may also want to lay these first pavers with mortar to keep them in their place.

Step 3 - Lay More Pavers

Add the rest of the pavers, pushing them tightly together. If you are laying a patio, or something with a large number of pavers, the ones in the middle will not need to have mortar added, as they will hold onto each other if pushed tightly together. Ensure that you fit all of the pavers together as firmly as you can. Have a friend hold them in place when you come to do the last layer.

Step 4 - The Final Edge

Once you come of the edge of your patio, take more of your mortar, and place it onto the concrete. Push down the pavers in a diagonal fashion, so you are pressing it against the rest of the pavers. This will hold them all together. Wipe away excess mortar, and leave to dry for 24 hours.