How to Install Brick Veneer Panels

  • 2-8 hours
  • Beginner
  • 250-500
What You'll Need
Brick veneer panels
Construction adhesive
Sticky tape
Galvanized screws
Caulk and caulking gun
Stiff brush

Brick veneer panels will give your home the traditional look of brick houses and will add to the beauty and function of your home's interior or exterior. Brick veneer panels come in a variety of colors and patterns. Remember that traditional bricks require expert masonry skills. Fortunately, lightweight brick veneer and veneer brick panels are sold at any hardware store and can be installed easily without too much hassle.

Step 1 – Check the Wall for Moisture

Clean the wall surface by using a stiff brush and water. Painted surfaces should be hosed down and cleaned using a soft brush or towel. Let the area dry. Get a piece of sticky tape and stick it on the wall. Pull the tape off and observe if traces of paint adhere to the tape. You would need to remove the paint and prepare the surface of the wall if there is paint on the sticky side of the tape.

Bare walls should be checked for moisture content as well. You can determine the presence of moisture on the walls by sticking a piece of tape on the bare wall and letting it stand for 24 hours. If moisture is present on the tape, then you will need to fasten a new base of sheet rock before installing brick veneer.

Step 2 – Apply Construction Adhesive

Apply liberal amounts of construction adhesive on the wall surface, starting from the top to the bottom part of the wall. Apply adhesive in small sections. Take your time and work according to the size of the wall and the size of the brick veneer panels. Also, apply adhesive on the back of the veneer panels before sticking them to the wall.

Attach brick veneer panels and make sure that the grooves lock into place. Install screws on the holes that are found on the outside of the veneer panels. Work around corners by sawing the edge of two panels. Sand the panels to get rid of rough spots on the bricks. Line up the edges so the pattern will match and use adhesive to glue the two panels where the bricks meet the corner. Let the adhesive dry thoroughly for at least 2 to 4 hours, or as stated on the label.

Step 3 – Apply Caulk

Use a caulk gun to apply caulk on any visible screw holes and on the seams of the panels. It would be best to use caulk that is of the same color as your brick veneer panels. Apply liberal amounts of caulk around the windows and door frames or in places where a visible gap is present. This will help prevent moisture from seeping through to the back of your brick panels and therefore affecting the bond between the adhesive and the wall.

Installing brick veneer panels will provide you with a more attractive home. They can be applied for both indoor and outdoor home beautification projects.