How to Install Brick Veneer Siding

What You'll Need
Brick veneer siding (amount depends on size of house)
Galvanized screws
Screwdriver or electric screwdriver
Adhesive (used in construction)
Caulking gun
Hand saw

There are some who would say that only a person who has masonry skills should even think about installing brick veneer siding. Should you not be very good at do it yourself projects, there would be some concern about whether or not you should attempt this type of job. If you are a regular do-it-yourselfer, then you should not have too much difficulty accomplishing this type of project by following the tips below. 

       Step 1 - Preparation

      Make sure that you have at least one person to help you with this project, it is too large of a project to handle on your own. Verify that you have all the materials and tools that you will need prior to beginning the project.

        Step 2 - Remove Existing Siding

        Begin removing the siding that might already exist on your home. You can begin with the crowbar to see exactly how the siding is installed. If it is done with screws, it might be safer to remove the individual screws with an electric screwdriver. This will help cut down on any damage that could be caused from removing with a crowbar. If the siding is installed in a different manner, you will have to resort to using the crowbar for removal.

        Step 3 - Inspect the Cover

        After the siding is removed, you will notice a protective covering that was under the siding. This is protection for the house against water. Thus it is vitally important that you inspect all of this protective material for any damage you may have caused by removing the siding. If you find any damage, you will need to either repair it or replace it before you can install the brick veneer.

        Step 4 - Put up the Siding

        Take the construction adhesive that you purchased and begin applying it to 1 piece of siding at a time. Since you can only apply 1 piece at a time, it is important that you only add the adhesive when you are ready to put the siding on the wall. The best thing to do is to work from the bottom up when applying the siding to the house. Carefully place the siding on, making sure it is even. It is important that it is even because all of the sheets interlock with one another.

        Step 5 - Use the Screws

        Use the galvanized screws and screw in around the brick sheet or panel.

        Step 6 - Finish the Siding

        When doing corners, you need to take 2 sheets and saw them off at 45 degree angles for each corner of the house so that it they will interlock better and leave a neat appearance in the corners of the house. The finishing touch would be to check for visible screw holes and any gaps around windows. Take the caulk and fill in these holes and gaps that match the color of the bricks.