How to Install Cabinet Door Frames

What You'll Need
Miter saw
Router with groove bit
Wood glue
Biscuit jointer
Wood biscuits

A new cabinet door set has the potential to completely renew your entire kitchen. By simply changing out the cabinet doors in your kitchen, you can instantly change the style and the entire atmosphere. New colors, finishes, designs, and even hardware can be changed inexpensively and easily.

Another way to change the look of your cabinets is to change the entire cabinet door frame. The frame is the part of the door that holds together the inset, or the panel in the middle. They go together much like a picture frame is assembled. Installing a new cabinet door frame is easily done. Here are the steps involved.

Step 1: Remove Cabinet Door

Remove the cabinet door with your screwdriver. Once the door is removed from the cabinet face, you can remove the hardware on the door. This includes hinges, door pulls, handles, or latches.

Step 2: Remove Door Frame

This is the trickiest part. Use the screwdriver to pry apart the door frame that is on the cabinet door. You may have to make small cuts with a small handsaw in the corners of the frame to loosen them up. Remove them and keep the center panel intact.

Step 3: Cut New Door Frame

Using a miter saw, cut the angles in the wood for your door frame. Measure the panel from the cabinet door and mark those measurements onto the wood. This is the start of the angle. Set the miter saw for 45 degrees and line up the markings on the wood. Make the cuts for each of the four pieces.

Step 4: Make Groove For Panel

Using a router and a groove cutting bit, and run it alongside the edge of the frame pieces. This will create a groove in the wood for the panel to set into.

Step 5: Cut Biscuit Joints

Using a biscuit jointer, make the slots for the biscuits to be placed. These biscuits are small wooden pieces that will swell up into the joints and create a very strong hold.

Step 6: Assemble Cabinet Door Frame

Lay out all the pieces of your cabinet door on a flat surface. Place the panel on the inside of the frame. Grab one side piece and slide the panel into it. Do not use any glue for this. Next, place a biscuit on the top of the side with glue. Slide the top of the frame onto the panel and biscuit slot. Repeat this process all the way around the frame. Use a strap clamp, or bar clamps to keep the frame tight. Let the glue dry.

Step 7: Re-attach Cabinet Door

Once the cabinet door frame has dried, scrape off any glue that escaped. Attach the door hinges to the door frame with the screws. Lift the door to the cabinet face where it was previously and secure to the cabinet.