How to Install Carpet on Spiral Stair Treads

What You'll Need
Hardwood strips to resurface your treads
Staple remover
Tack strips
Heavy duty scissors
Measuring tape
Jigsaw or saber saw
Tape measure
Vacuum cleaner
Huge garbage bags
Working Gloves

Installing a carpet on spiral stairs treads can be a lot of hard work but it you have ample time in your hands, you can do the job at your leisure. To help you set up your stair carpet, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Remove the Old Carpet

You need to remove all the carpeting and padding from your stairs before you install new carpeting on the treads. To get rid of the old carpet, remove the staples and tacks from the carpet then left the carpet from the stairs. Put the old carpet in the garbage bags before you clean your stairs. When cleaning the stairs, make sure that you remove all tacks and nails left.  If you cannot remove some of the nails, simply hammer these nails in place until they are deeply embedded into the surface of the stairs.

Step 2 – Check for Signs of Wear and Tear

The risers and treads may show signs to wear and tear and it may squeak in some places. To keep your spiral stairs in top condition, replace rotten parts of the stairs then drive long spiral screws or nails into the boards of the stairs to eliminate the noise. When replacing the treads, measure the treads then cut them one at a time to make sure that the treads fit precisely. After cutting the tread, install in on the stairs and nail it in place. If the treads are merely worn-out on the surface, you may just resurface. Resurface the risers and treads of your stairs using hardwood strips. After making repairs on your stairs, clean the area thoroughly. Use a vacuum cleaning to remove dust and tiny particles.

Step 3 – Measure and Cut

After making repairs on your stair treads, measure the area where you will install the carpet then cut the appropriate length of carpet to cover the area.

Step 4 – Apply Adhesives to the Surface of the Treads

You need to apply ample amounts of adhesives on the surface of the treads before you install the carpet. When applying adhesive, start at the end of the treads and then put the carpet on the treads as you apply the adhesives. Do not put adhesives all over the treads and then put the carpet later. Also, do not use fast acting adhesives when working on your stair treads. Fast acting adhesives dry so fast that you would not have enough time to arrange your carpet and smooth out all the wrinkles and bunched up areas.

Step 5 – Tuck the Edge of the Stapler

After smoothing the carpet on the tread, use a stapler to tuck the edges of the carpet safely.