How to Install Carpet Padding on Stairs

What You'll Need
A tack hammer
Carpet tacks
Tackless strips
Carpet padding
A precise construction knife
A tape measure
A staple gun
An assortment of tackless strips
A staple gun
Half-inch staples

Installing carpet padding on your home's stairs may strike you as a difficult undertaking best left to high-priced professionals. However, with the proper tools and a good set of instructions by your side, it's a task that can be tackled by virtually any household handyman.

Step 1 - Place Your Tackless Strips

Before you can begin installing your carpet padding, you must first make some preparatory markings and lay out your tackless strips. Start by using your tape measure and a piece of chalk to mark the center of each stair. Then, center one of your tackless strips on the back of every stair tread, taking care to place them roughly 1 inch from your stair treads' back verticals. Before continuing on, make sure that all your stair treads have roughly 3/4-inch of space on each side that isn't covered by a tackless strip. Having confirmed that the initial batch of strips were properly laid out, place a second batch of tackless strips on the fronts of your stair risers. Once again, take care to place them about 1 inch from your stair treads' back verticals and leave roughly 3/4-inch of uncovered space on each side. Once your strips have been spaced out, use your tack hammer and tacks to secure them in place.

Step 2 - Cut Your Carpet Pad

Now that you've laid out your tackless strips, you are ready to begin cutting your padding. With the aid of your tape measure and construction knife, begin cutting pieces of carpet pad for each individual step. Each piece must be long enough to travel from the fronts of the tackless strips occupying the stair risers to the tops of the tackless strips attached to the back verticals. When cutting your padding, try to be as precise as possible.

Step 3 - Begin Attaching Your Carpet Pad

You may now begin attaching your freshly cut strips of padding to each individual stair. Start this step by using your staple gun to attach your padding to the tackless strips you placed on each your stairs' back verticals. Take care to place your staples roughly six inches from one another. Having secured the back ends of each piece of padding, pull their front ends forward and incorporate the aid of your tack hammer to tack your padding pieces into the strips you placed at the front end of each step. Make sure to place your tacks about four inches from one another.

When installing your padding, take care to firmly press the pieces into your tackless strips, but make sure not to press them into the stair treads' noses. Once you have reached the topmost step, use your staple gun to secure your final piece of padding to the riser, making sure to place the staples roughly four inches from one another. Confirm that your padding is firmly in place before using your stairs, as lose padding can be a major safety hazard.

So there you have it. With the help of this handy guide, you'll be able to install carpet padding on your home's stairs in just three easy steps.