How to Install Casters on Kitchen Work Tables How to Install Casters on Kitchen Work Tables

What You'll Need
Small straight edge
Center Punch
Pilot drill bit (1/8 inch typically works best)
Long Phillips bit or long extension
2 swiveling casters
2 locking straight casters

Kitchen work tables are excellent places for food prep, staging for serving and storing when not in use. However, adding casters to this functional furniture makes this workhorse mobile and can create more room in a small kitchen. With a little work you can keep your kitchen open but ready to go to work.

Step 1: Preparation

Start by flipping the removing any drawers and then flipping the work table over. Then remove any slides or feet that the table may have.

Step 2: Lay Out

Use the straight edge and pencil to mark the diagonals on each foot. These diagonals should intersect each other in the center of the foot. Place the casters on the feet when the lines are visible in the screw holes the caster is centered on the feet.

Step 3: Marking the Screw Holes

With the caster in place take the center punch and hammer and tap small divots where the screws will go to eliminate any guess work. Marking them with a pencil will work but the dimples give the pilot bit something to guide it.

Step 4: Piloting the Holes

Remove the casters from the feet and use a bit that is at least 1/16 inch smaller then the screw to make the pilot hole. There is no need to drill the length of the bit about 3/4 of the length of the screw will suffice. But make sure to drill these holes as straight as possible to avoid running screws out of the leg or into each other.

Step 5: Attaching the Casters

Place the pair of casters on adjacent legs (i.e. do not place the straight casters on diagonal legs) and using the long driving bit screw in the casters. There are two things to keep in mind when attaching the casters. First, drive the screws all the way down to keep the casters from wobbling but not so tight that they bend the casters. Second, take care not to strip the heads of the screws in case you need to remove the casters at some point. 

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