How To Install Cedar Siding How To Install Cedar Siding

Cedar siding is will last for years and give your home a more authentic curb appeal than vinyl siding. When you install cedar siding, though, there are some things to keep in mind.

Acclimate to Your Area

If you did not buy the cedar siding from a local dealer, you will have to let the the cedar acclimate to your area. Let the stacks of cedar shingles sit outside for a few days, shrinking or contracting with temperature and moisture levels. Installing them prematurely can lead to shrinkage once they're on the house, which can cause leaking and other problems later on.

Install Bottom Row

Place a chalk line along the bottom of the home just above the foundation. Make sure this line is perfectly level with the foundation. If you are nailing to wood studs or plywood sheathing, place the first cedar siding on the bottom. Use 3 nails on the top of the siding. They will be hidden from the next row as you overlap them.

Finish First Row

Continue installing the cedar siding along the bottom of the house. Make sure the shingles are tightly aligned with no gaps between them.

Finish Rest of Side

Start the second row above the first leaving an overlap of 1 ½-inches. Continue laying the cedar shingles up the side of the wall maintaining the 1 ½-inch overlap of each successive row. Continue this process for the rest of the house.

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