How to Install Cellular Shades How to Install Cellular Shades

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Mounting brackets
Wood shim
Cellular shades

Installing a window treatment like cellular shades may seem intimidating at first, but with just a few handy tools you will soon have an attractive new set of shades that can change the light and ambiance in your room in seconds.

Step 1 - Get Your Tools Together

To begin mark your bracket position on your windows. Measure approximately 2 inches from the side jamb and mark the measured position. Mark your screw hole positions for your brackets. Hold your metal mounting bracket in the measured position and mark your screw hole position.

    Step 2 - Installing the Cellular Shades

    Now you are ready to bore your holes. Drill carefully at your screw hole positions to attach your mounting brackets. Once your mounting brackets are attached, double check for a level position and adjust as necessary. You can double check for level and stability with a wood shim. Once completely secure you can now clip your shade into the brackets.

    Step 3 - Function Check

    Once your shade is secure, double check it for ease of operation and functionality and enjoy your new cellular shades.

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