How to Install Ceramic Tile Around a Toilet Flange

A toilet in a bathroom.
What You'll Need
Ceramic tiles
Wet saw
Measuring tape
Putty knife
Razor knife
Mortar (thin-set variety)

Fitting ceramic tiles around the toilet flange in the bathroom is an easy skill to learn that anybody can make the most of. Do-it-yourself home repair and plumbing projects are becoming increasingly popular and fitting tiles around the toilet flange is extremely easy work. Ceramic tiles are very popular for use in the bathroom because of their strength and resistance to moisture. Since these tiles can be cut easily, one can manipulate them to fit around the curve of the flange with little effort.

Step 1 - Place the Tiles

This step involves putting the square ceramic tiles in position around the toilet. A small curve around the toilet base will be left untiled as the square tiles will not meet the shape of the flange.

Step 2 - Prepare the Templates

Using the measuring tape, measure the flange’s diameter and add an additional ¼ inch to the entire measurement on the outside. Using this measurement mark the size out on the cardboard with the compass.

Step 3 - Cut the Cardboard

Once the measurements have been copied onto the cardboard, use the razor knife to cut out the template. Additional space should be added to the external boundary to leave room for adjustments. The cardboard template should be somewhat larger than the flange in size.

Step 4 - Position Tiles

Position the tiles around the flange at homogenous distances and cover the portion over the flange as well. Take care to place evenly for the best look.

Step 5 - Place the Templates

This step involves putting the cardboard templates on top of the tiles. It is important to lay the templates carefully over the flange so you can see the flange from under the spaces visible between the tiles. Using the pencil trace the shape of the template onto the tiles below.

Step 6 - Cut the Tiles

Once the curve of the flange has been transferred accurately from the template to the tiles, it is time to cut the tiles according to the shape. Use the wet saw to carefully cut the curve into the tiles such that they can be fixed exactly into the shape of the flange.

Step 7 - Instal the Tiles around the Flange

This is the last step of the process for installing ceramic tiles around the toilet flange. The thin-set mortar is to be applied to the backs of the ceramic tiles which have now been cut according to the shape of the flange. The mortar should be applied using the putty knife in an even layer. After this is done the tiles should be placed into their determined locations and the mortar should be allowed to set and dry. Once that is done, the job should now be complete and all that is left is to tidy up and admire the handy work.