How to Install Chain Link Fence Posts

What You'll Need
Color tape

If you are considering installing a chain link fence posts around your yard, you need to explore your city’s guidelines. You not only need to know the boundaries of your property, but the street or alleyway easement and the location of underground utilities. Once you have all the pertinent information, you can begin.

Step 1: Measure

Anyone who has been in construction a long time will tell you that double-checking measurements can save hours of trouble later on.

Use stakes and string to mark the boundary lines, but once these markers are in place, be sure to check all your easements, measurements and utility lines once more. There are several things to consider when you lay out your stakes. Where will the gate be? How wide will it be?  And where will the corner posts be? 

Use stakes with different-colored tape or paint can help you avoid confusion later on. Once you are certain you have the correct dimensions, take a break. 

Then, measure the distance between posts (the length of your chain length panels, and the distance between the corner posts and gate.  Ensure you have allowed for the hardware that adds to the width of the gate.

Step 2: Dig the Fence Post Holes

Purchasing a post-hole digger will not only save time, but it will keep the hole size manageable. Spades and shovels can be used, but it could require a lot of back-filling that might cause the hole to collapse and the post to sag. Most people utilize the assistance of a post-hole digger so that they can also control the size of the concrete slab they must pour to keep the posts in place.

Create holes of 18” to 24” deep and approximately 8” in diameter. 

At this point, add pea-sized gravel in the bottom of the hole and place your pole on top of this bedding. What you want here is to have 45” of post showing above the ground. You can attain this height by adjusting the amount of gravel in the bottom.

Step 3: Secure the Fence Posts

Now that the gravel bed is at the right depth and has been nicely leveled, it is time to mix and pour cement into the hole. 

Mix fast-drying ready-cement according to the instructions on the package. If you do not have a wheelbarrow or other large mixing device, cement can be mixed in a 5-gallon bucket. Bring the cement close to the hole so that the cement can either be poured or ladled into the hole. 

With the pole in place, fill the hole to ground level. Next, utilizing a level, check both the side and top of the pole to make sure it is straight.  Now hold it for a few moments, while the cement sets up a bit. Once the pole will stand by itself, check again with the level. 

Curing time for cement is approximately 48 hours.