How to Install Chicken Wire Windows on Your Workshop Cabinet Doors

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  • 1-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 20-200
What You'll Need
Chicken wire
Wire cutters
Leather gloves
Long-sleeved shirt
Measuring tape

Chicken wire can be used as a window for a workshop cabinet. Otherwise known as galvanized wire, it is often used as fencing in many poultry facilities and farms. Chicken wire is considered a flexible gauge wire. Because of its versatile nature, chicken wire is not just used to fence farms and people have found countless ways to incorporate its use.

Since chicken wire is easily shaped and fixed in structures and different frameworks, it makes perfect candidate for cabinet windows. Prior to using chicken wire, it’s necessary to learn a few insightful tips. A person should know how to cut, attach and secure the wire to be able to install it as a window.

Cutting the Wire

Step 1 - Wear Protective Gear

Before working on chicken wire, it’s necessary to first make sure you are wearing protective gear. Leather gloves and a long-sleeved shirt should properly protect you from getting scratched or cut by the wire.

Step 2 - Measure, Mark, and Cut

The chicken wire should be unrolled to a workable length. The length should allow you to measure the right dimensions of the window. It’s better to ask someone to help you out. The chicken wire is hard to work with, especially since it rolls back to its previous shape. Using a measuring tape, mark the dimensions according to the window plan. Take note of the number of pieces needed to be cut. It’s best to put half an inch or an inch allowance when cutting the wire. Use a heavy duty wire cutter to smoothly cut through the wire.

Attaching Chicken Wire the Window Frame of the Cabinet

pigeons behind a chicken wire window

Step 1 - Prepare the Door

Remove the doors from the cabinet as this will make working the chicken wire a lot easier. It is best if the door has two layers so the chicken wire can be installed over the first and covered securely with the second layer. If a hole is not already created, decide what dimensions are suitable and make the required cuts.

Step 2 - Working with the Cabinet’s Frame

The chicken wire is intended to go into one or two of the cabinet´s doors. Depending on the material (metal or wood) choose where the window will be installed. The focus of these procedures is on wood. You can choose to just install windows on half the size of the door or approximately the whole side with just an inch border.

The door to the cabinet where the window will be installed should have two layers. The chicken wire will be placed in between these layers. Cut the layers according to the size of the window. Make sure that the two layers have the same measure for the window opening.

Step 3 - Attach the Wire

Using a staple or nails, attach the wire in one of the two layers. Make sure the wire covers the window opening. It’s best that the wire goes beyond the cut opening. Most of the time it’s best to staple the wire, working with nails can be a bit difficult. After stapling all the sides of the wire, attach the other layer of wood. Cover the part of the stapled wire.

Step 4 - Install the Door

Attach both layers of wood using nails and make sure the door is strong enough. Re-install the door to the cabinet.