How to Install Click Flooring Part 2

Once you have started your click flooring installation, you need to keep moving forward to finish the job. It is now time to start laying the click flooring into place. Here are the basics of how to continue your click flooring installation project. (This is Part 2 of a 4 part series. Click to view Part 1 or Part 3.)

Step 1 - Determine Direction

Now that you have the underlayment and vapor barrier in place, you are free to start laying the laminate. Decide which way you would like to run the flooring. In most cases, you are going to want to run it with the direction of any natural light. You will also want to consider running it towards the main entrance to the room instead of against it.

Step 2 - Lay First Board

Start out by placing a board in the corner of the room. You need to insert small wedges between the board and the wall. Do not put the board directly up against the wall. You should allow at least 1/4 inch between the board and the wall as an expansion gap. When you install click flooring, you need to make sure that there is an expansion gap so that the boards can expand and contract throughout the year. If you skip this step, you will inevitably have to make repairs later on. The boards will start to buckle and can eventually break in the middle of the floor.

Step 3 - Continue the Row

For the second board, you want to lay it directly up in line with the first board to start a vertical row across the room. The new board should fit into the locking mechanism on the top edge of the first board. Once you have the second board in place, continue placing boards in this manner to go across the room. You want to remember to periodically place wedges at regular intervals between the boards and the wall. Make sure that your expansion gap is consistent all the way across the room.

Step 4 - Cut the Board

When you get to the end of a row, you will need to make a cut on one of the boards in order for it to fit. Take your tape measure and determine the distance between the last board in a row and the wall. Make sure to allow 1/4 inch for an expansion gap on this wall as well. Measure out the appropriate distance on one of the boards and mark it with a pencil on the back. Place your board under the saw. Firmly hold the board in place and then make a clean cut through the board with your saw. You should now have a piece of flooring that will fit perfectly into the gap between the wall and the last board.

Step 5 - Starting the Second Row

It is now time to start the second row. Take the small piece that was left over from your cut at the end of the last row and use it to start this row. This will stagger the boards so that the joints are not all in the same place. Place the board next to the first board of the first row and use your tapping block to tap into place. It should click together with the first board.