How to Install Cordless Pleated Shades

What You'll Need
Cordless Window Shades
Shade Brackets
Electric Drill
Measuring tape

The old fashioned window shades with a cord are a relic of the past next to cordless pleated shades. For those with small children or curious pets, a dangling shades cord is a recipe for disaster. Cordless shades are now more common and affordable than ever, offering an alternative to the old fashioned shade design of yesterday. With cordless shades you can stop having to keep kids and pets away from the window or having to replace those twisted or tangled shades. Here are the basic steps of how to install your own cordless pleated shades quickly and easily yourself.

Step 1 – Place the Brackets

The first thing to determine before you begin is how the cordless shades are going to be mounted on your window frame. They can be mounted on either the inside or outside of the window frame, depending on your preference and type of window. The installation guide that came with your blinds should give you more information on the best method for installing the brackets if you need it.

Step 2 – Level the Bracket

In order to avoid a lifetime of headaches caused by the positioning and odd angle of your new blinds, you must be sure the brackets are level before you begin. If the shades are not installed level, the shade can buckle and twist, causing light to seep through, as well as issues when you try to raise and lower the blinds. Once the top sets of the brackets are mounted you can place the level against the wall between them to make sure the line is completely level. If they are not level you can still make simple adjustments before you begin installing the shades.

Step 3 – Mount the Brackets

Once you have the line in place for the brackets, mark each side on the bracket with a pen where you will need to drill. Drill a small hole to begin for each bracket screw. Be careful not too drill to deep or too wide of a hole. The drill is only needed to easily start each hole. Screwing them in manually will be easy enough once you have the hole started in the right location. While you hold each bracket in place, use the screwdriver to input the bracket screws into the wall. Depending on the size of the window, you may have multiple brackets that need to be mounted. Mount each set in the exact same way until you have got them all mounted. The last step is to get the individual shades into the brackets.

Step 4 – Insert the Shades

The last step is to slide the individual shades into each of the brackets. Once you have every shade slid into place you are done. The only thing left to do is enjoy the new shades without having to worry about the twisted strings and dangling cord from now on.