How to Install Corner Molding

What You'll Need
Molding pieces
Circular saw
Finish nails
Metal file
Coping saw
Fine grit sandpaper
Pneumatic nailer

The task of installing corner molding calls for patience and an eye for precision. However, apart from that, as long as you have the necessary tools, you should be able to install it yourself. Molding provides a beautiful atmosphere to a wall, and it enhances the decor of the room beautifully. Do not allow the installation process to discourage you from giving it a try. The most trying parts are in fact the corners, because apart from that the procedure is fairly simple and straightforward. Just follow the steps outlined hereunder to have a clearer idea of how to go about installing the corner molding.

Step 1 - Identify the Type of Corner

Primarily you need to distinguish whether the particular corner is an outer or an inner one. This will determine the type of method you should use.

Step 2 - Cutting the Angle for an Outer Corner

If it is an outer corner, you have to start off by cutting it at an angle of 45 degrees. Repeat the same cut at an opposing 45 degree angle, on another piece of molding. Use a protractor to mark the angles and a circular saw to cut along the mark.

Step 3 - Checking and Adjusting

When ready, hold the 2 pieces of molding against the corner on the wall where they are going to be installed. Check whether they fit well. If not, you will need to make the necessary adjustments by shaving away any extra parts, little by little, with a plane and a metal file. Make sure to start this trimming procedure from the back part of the molding, and slowly move outwards towards the front part. Bear in mind that even the corner of the walls may not be an exact right angle. Therefore you will need to try to adjust as best as possible until you ensure a neat result. If the imperfection is very slightly you may find it easier to adjust it by sanding it with a fine grit sandpaper.

Step 4 - Installing an Outer Corner to the Walls

Once you have corrected the corner molding's fit as best as possible you can install it. Use a drill to make holes in the wall, through the molding. Then, fix the molding in place by nailing it with finish nails. Make sure that you do not strike the hammer with too much force. Just tap it little by little. Alternatively, you could use a pneumatic nailer.

Step 5 - Cutting Molding for an Inner Corner

Start by installing the first part to the corner of the wall. Then, trace the shape you need onto the back of the second piece of molding and use a coping saw to cut along it.

Step 6 - Checking and Adjusting

Check whether it fits well in the wall's inner corner by holding it against it. If you need to make any adjustments just trim along with a metal file until the best fit is achieved.

Step 7 - Installing the Inner Corner to the Walls

Drill holes where the nails will go through. Then, hold the corner molding against the wall and secure it with the finishing nails.