How to Install Corner Shelving in Corner Showers

What You'll Need
Speed Square
Side Grinder
Tile Blade
Screw Driver

In order to expand your bathroom space, you should install a corner shelf in your corner shower. The corner shelf is a perfect place for you to keep shampoo, soap, conditioner and all other necessary items. Installing a corner shelf is an easy process that you can complete yourself.

Step 1 – Mark the Marble

Mark the 8”marble using a pencil and a speed square. First, make a 45 degree line between the corner and the back edge. Then, from the back edge, make another line at 45 degree to the front. That will give you 16 inches along the front edge.

Next you will need to cut the marble, use a tile blade in the side grinder. While cutting, follow the lines that you made in the previous steps carefully.

Step 2 – Right Angle at the Rear

Once you are done with cutting, you should get an angle of 90 degree. Repeat this for all the corner shelves.

You will need to make markings on the wall for placement of the corner shelf. To do this, place the shelf against the wall and use a pencil to make the trace. It would be easier for you if the bottom is placed on grout joint.

Step 3 – Cut the Wall Tiles

Now carefully, make cuts in the tile along the pencil marks, using a side grinder. You will need to make deep cuts at the corner. Then, remove the tile you cut, using a hammer and a screw driver. To break uncut tile(s), you will need to make a sharp strike. Properly set the corner shelves, one in each hole. Make sure that the shelves fit in securely.

Step 4 – Prepare Thinset

For each shelf, make a cup of thinset. The density should be similar to toothpaste. Pour in the mortar into the cuts made in the tiles. Now, push the corner shelves into the thinset. Make sure that thinset is wet and you push the shelves before it dries up. Also, use a level to introduce some slope in the shelves. The slope should be inclined towards the shower, and away from the wall.

Step 5 – Clean the Shelves and Tiles

Wipe off the left over mortar using a dirty cloth. Now, clean the entire area with a damp sponge. You need to clean everything before the thinset dries because it will not be easy to remove it after that.

The items that you can store on the shelving units can be decorative or functional. Most people store functional items like soap and other items. However, some decorators have used the shelving for conch shells, sea sponges or other items.