How to Install Crown Molding on Rounded Corners

What You'll Need
Crown molding
Miter Saw
Finishing nails
Wood filler
Measuring tape
Sand paper
Paint or stain
Stud finder

Learning how to install crown molding can be a tough job, but when a home displays modern rounded corners it can become an even greater challenge. When remodeling a room or simply building a craft project crown molding can be used to add a decorative touch of elegance to any project, this is a skill that can be used many times over.

Step 1 - Taking Measurements

The old adage measure twice and cut once is very wise when preparing for the installation of any crown molding. You will first need to measure the walls where you want your moldings installed. Take accurate measurements and be sure to record them correctly.

Step 2 - Cutting Moldings

In cutting your molding you must remember that rounded corners will require an extra piece of molding. Make sure to take this into account when taking your original measurements. Adjust your miter saw to cut at an angle of 22 ½ inches for each wall. You will then cut two more pieces of molding about 4 inches in length at the same angle.

Step 3 - Installing Corner Pieces

Begin in the corner and place your two 4 inch pieces. They should easily butt together with no gaps. Use your finishing nails and a bead of caulk right along the top of your corner pieces to fit them securely in place. You will want to begin each section of crown molding by first installing the corner moldings.

Step 4 - Installing Wall Pieces

Using your stud finder find the studs along the wall, you can mark the studs with your pencil for quick referencing as you go. By nailing your molding into a stud you will ensure that it will securely and safely remain in place for years to come. Starting at your corner pieces butt the crown molding up to the small piece of molding already installed. Using a second set of hands begin to nail the molding in place with a small bead of caulk right along the edge of the molding. Continue this process all around the room.

Step 5 - Cleaning Up the Molding

After each piece of molding is installed you will want to go back over the nail holes with a small amount of wood filler to cover the holes. It is also important to look for any small gaps that can easily be filled with a bead of caulk. Once you have all holes and gaps filled sand down any of the excess to give yourself a smooth surface.

Step 6 - Finishing Your Work

Once you have a clean smooth surface, simply paint or stain your crown molding to match the other molding in your home. This last step will ensure a finished and beautiful appearance to showcase your hard work. Take a minute to step back and enjoy the finished product.