How to Install Deck Lights on Brick or Stone

What You'll Need
Electrical conduit
Drill bit set
Low voltage transformer
Wire stripper
Screwdriver set
Electrical wire
Screw driver set
Deck lights
Wire fish lead
Masonry strap hangers

Deck lights add a wonderful touch to an outdoor living area. You can use different styles to create mood lighting, security lighting or spot lighting from and on your deck. However, installing these lights on brick or stone can present a bit of a challenge. There are basically 2 options for installation. If the brick or stone is actually fascia—a single layer partial brick or stone—you should be able to drill through the grout and fish out the electrical wiring. For full size brick or stone, you will be required to use conduit which will run to an outside electrical source. As with all building projects, check local building codes and requirements before you begin.

Step 1 – Measure

Make a mark on the brick or stone using duct tape or electrical tape, where you wish to locate the deck light. Measure the distance from the mark down to the ground or deck level. Measure from that point to the outside GFI power source, use straight lines down and run along the ground. Add 15 percent to the measurements to ensure you will have enough wiring and conduit. Any turn from a straight line will require bending the conduit.

Step 2 – Choose Your Conduit

There are several options available for conduit. Basic metal pipe conduit will do the job and is relatively inexpensive. Specific designer conduit that can match your brick or stone is also available however, it can become quite expensive.

Step 3 – Connect the Wiring

Place the wire by the power source then run the wire to the spot you wish to install the deck light. Use the same route you measured. Attach the electrical wires to the light according to manufacturer’s directions.

Step 4 – Install the Light

Use a masonry drill bit to drill the appropriate holes for your light fixture. Use masonry screws and place the light into position with the electrical wires dropping out the bottom of the fixture. Install a light bulb in the fixture.

Step 5 – Run the Conduit

Measure and cut the first section of conduit from the light fixture. Attach the strap hangers to the conduit, fish the electrical wires through this section. Attach the conduit to the brick or stone with the strap hangers. Repeat this procedure until you reach the transformer. You should have an excess of wire coming out the conduit.

Step 6 – Mount the Transformer

Turn off the breaker to the power source. Install the transformer on the closest joist to the receptacle, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.  Strip the wires and connect them to the transformer.

Step 7 – Check the Installation

Turn the breaker on, turn on the deck light. If the light works, attach the conduit to the wall beneath the transformer. If the light does not work, turn off the breaker and retrace your steps from the transformer to the light fixture.