How to Install Decorative Glass Panels How to Install Decorative Glass Panels

What You'll Need
Hole saw
Utility knife
Glass panels
Glass clips
Cleaning cloths
Glass cleaner
Protective eye wear

You can add style to any type of door or cabinetry by installing decorative glass panels. This home project can be completed with the right tools and materials. Be sure to plan out your design before you begin any work.  Also, be careful when you are working with glass edges because you can get hurt easily.

Step 1 – Removing the Existing Panel

Wear your protective eye wear and gloves before you begin. Remove the panel that is in the cabinetry where the new glass piece will be installed. Use your sandpaper to smooth the edges of the cabinetry.

Step 2 – Creating an Edge for the Glass

Use your router to make a grooved edge for your glass panel. Be careful that you do not accidentally damage the cabinetry while you are working. Also, be sure the groove is the correct width for the glass panel.

Step 3 – Installing the Glass Panel

Apply a bead of clear silicone along the edge of the cabinetry. Carefully install your glass panel into the cabinetry. Position it next to the edge you created. Secure the new panel with your glass clips and allow the silicone enough time to set.

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