How to Install Decorative Paneling in Front of a Bathtub How to Install Decorative Paneling in Front of a Bathtub

What You'll Need
Decorative paneling - in the type and size you want.
Plaster paste
A putty knife
Primer Caulk and caulking gun
Vacuum brush attachment
Grit sand paper
Hand saw
Measuring tape

Decorative paneling improves the appearance of the interior walls. It is the best choice for walls that are plain, like bathtub walls, and painting them is not a good option. There are various types of panels that come in different colors, finish and type of wood.

 Step 1 - Prepare the Surface

Bring the decorative panels into the room, so that they can acclimatize. This makes them ready for installation, so they will not expand after you have installed them, something that would destroy your work. Repair sections if the surface might have damage, using the appropriate material depending with the type of tub. Sand the area, to remove any dust and use the putty knife to apply the plaster paste on the cracks. To save time, buy the pre-mixed paste. Let it dry for a while, and then apply the primer over that section, and let it dry. Remove any dirt that may be on the front of the bathtub, using the vacuum brush attachment.

Step 2 - Mark the Areas with Obstructions

Take note of the soap trays or other items. You will cut the decorative paneling to fit these areas. Use the measuring tape to measure the size of the allowance needed, and then measure on the decorative paneling and mark the area to cut. Take the measurements at least twice to confirm, or you could cut the wrong size and waste some of the panels. You can add a few centimeters on every hole, so that they fit on the wall firmly. Use the hand saw to trim the panels accordingly, then mark the specific areas they will be installed.

Step 3 – Installation

Apply the adhesive on the decorative paneling and fix it on the front of the tub. The choice of adhesive is based on the panels you bought. Leave a centimeter above and below for caulk, but no spaces between. This will seal any holes that would allow moisture and water in.  Start on 1 end of the bath tub, and hold it into place until it sticks. Do this for all the panels, making sure they are in line, and there is no space left in between. When you get to the sections with obstructions, use the pre-cut parts. If the lower panels are longer than the space between them and the floor, measure the size of the space and mark this on the panels. Cut out the excess.

Step 4 - Final Touches

Apply the caulk between the panels and around the panels that meet with the obstructions. This will seal it and prevent water or moisture from seeping through. Let the decorative paneling to dry for 1 day, so that they can fit firmly on the surface.


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