How to Install Dog Kennel Flooring

If you plan to build or remodel your dog kennel, one of the most important things that you'll need to think about, both in terms of your pet's comfort but also in terms of safety and overall appearance, is the dog kennel flooring. Proper flooring is key to ensuring that your dog has a comfortable and nice place to sit or lay down. It's also important that you choose a type of flooring that won't be damaged easily or be able to be dug through, should your dog try to get out of the kennel. Once you've selected the dog kennel flooring material that you'll use, read on for a brief overview on how to install the flooring in the kennel itself.

Step 1 -- Gather the Appropriate Materials

You'll need to gather up the following materials in order to properly install the dog kennel flooring:

  • Flooring material (at least as large as the area of the kennel, though it's helpful to have some extra)
  • Xacto knife or heavy grade scissors
  • Tape Measure
  • Adhesive (flooring glue is good)
  • Sandpaper
  • Scrap rags

Step 2 -- Cut the Flooring

First, measure the area of the kennel so that you know exactly how you'll need to plan out your flooring. It's helpful to think of installing the flooring in certain sections. This makes it easier to lay down the different flooring tiles as smoothly and carefully as possible. Particularly when you're dealing with an enclosed space like a kennel, this is the best option.

Once you've measured the area of the kennel, decide how you can evenly split up the space into tiles of flooring. Measure out the tiles from the flooring material and cut them evenly.

Step 3 -- Prep the Kennel and Lay the Tiles

Clean up the floor of the kennel so that there are no pieces of debris, dirt or any other objects over the area where the flooring will go. Next, lay out the flooring inside of the kennel so that you can test how it will fit. This is to ensure that the flooring will match up perfectly with the size of the kennel.

Step 4 -- Attach the Flooring

Finally, use the adhesive to attach the flooring pieces one at a time in the kennel floor. Make sure that you carefully lay the tiles so that there is no extra space in between the floor and the flooring material. Smooth out any creases or wrinkles that develop before the glue sets. Begin at the back corner of the kennel and work your way out toward the front, so that you can avoid stepping on any of the pieces as they're setting onto the floor if possible.

Be sure to allow the glue plenty of time to dry. If you need to clean up any edges of the flooring, use sandpaper to do so. Finally, use a scrap rag to clean up any extra glue that may have seeped out from under the flooring or in between tiles.