How to Install Dog Kennels

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Support posts
Pole caps
Chain link
Assorted chain link attachments
Gate and hardware
Shade cover

Dog kennels are used to keep your pet contained, safe and hopefully happy. There are many different kennel systems available on the market for self installation. These kits contain everything you need to make a secure environment for your pet. Most kennels are made of chain-link fencing systems and you are able to purchase the items to make one at your local home improvement store.

Step 1: Measure It

Find a place in your yard that has enough space for your kennel.  Measure off where you want the kennel and mark the corners.  

Step 2: Dig It

Dig your post holes. These holes will need to be 1 ½ to 2 feet deep. Mix your concrete and center your posts. The concrete should be thick enough to hold the pole upright. You should still make supports to ensure that the pole stays centered and plumb during the drying time. Do not forget to measure for your kennel door. The door takes an extra support post.

Step 3: Chain It

Attach a tension rod to one end of the chain link. Attach this end to one of your posts and pull it to the next post. Install another tension rod and tighten the chain link. Attach it to the next post using the appropriate hardware. Undo the next link in order to start fresh between the next two posts. You will continue this same process around the whole kennel leaving the opening for the kennel door.

Step 4: Access It

You are going to need to have access to your kennel to let the dog in and out and for you to clean it out. Make sure that you choose a door to allow for this and measure for it before you set your posts. A common size is a 2-foot door but the size is completely dependant on your needs. Using the gate hardware attach the hinge support to one of the posts. Make sure that you take in to effect which way the door will swing. The gate should swing freely in and out of the kennel. You can install a stopper to make it only swing out if you wish. Once the gate is operational install the latch. Make sure that you have access to it from the outside of the kennel.

Step 5: Shade

Shade fabric can significantly decrease the temperature in your kennel. Unfold the shade cover and determine the direction that it will fit. Attach it at each corner of the kennel using wire or strong plastic zip ties. Once the corners are secure and even then you can start on each side. It will make the cover more even if you work on opposite sides. Meaning, tie down one side the go directly across from it and secure the opposite side. Then do the same with the remaining two sides.

Step 6: Tack It Down

You can use rebar to hold down the bottom of your chain link if you think that it will be a problem. Drive foot long pieces of rebar into the ground right next to the fence and attach the top four inches to the bottom of the chain link. Space them about every two to three feet. It is a good idea to do this to help keep the dog from digging its way out.

The steps above tell you how to make and install a simple dog kennel. Your needs may vary based on the type of dog that you have or the weather conditions in your area. Please keep this in mind when choosing what kennel is right for you and your pet.