How To Install Door Awnings

Door awnings offer extra protection for your entryway against the elements. They can be purchased as a unit that is easily installed by anyone with light to moderate experience with construction and building. The tools required include a tape measure, a level, a carpenter's pencil, and a drill. You'll need different drill bits and screws or tapcons according the type of walling you are attaching to.

Find Awning and Door Centers

Make sure that your awning extends at least 6 inches to either side of the door opening. For the best protection, allow for 12 inches of overhang. Measure the awning and mark the exact center of the width, then do the same thing for the top of the door. Use a pencil so the mark can be erased later.

Easy Awning Installation

Line up the center of the awning with the center of the door. With the help of another person, level the awning and install the topmost screws. Keeping the awning level with the top of the door, install the remaining screws in a top-down fashion. For the best results, mark the holes and then drill them before trying to mount the awning. This will allow you to quickly place the awning and install the screws without long delays from one spot to the next.