How to Install Doors on an Open Kitchen Cabinet

What You'll Need
A power drill
A measuring tape
A screwdriver
A level
Protective eye wear

You can enclose an open kitchen cabinet by installing cabinet doors. Most cabinet doors are made available with the necessary hardware. This home improvement project is simple to complete. You should be able to install your cabinet doors in an afternoon. Be sure you have all of the necessary tools before you begin.

Step 1 – Safety

Put on your protective eye wear before you begin working with your power drill to prevent any accidental injury. Be sure the power drill is set to the "Off" position before you connect it to a power source. Always store your power tools in a safe place when you have finished using them. Keep them out of the reach of children.

Step 2 – Choosing Your Doors

Visit your local home improvement store and speak with a professional about installing doors on your open kitchen cabinets. Be sure to choose a door style that will work well with the décor in your kitchen.

Step 3 – Preparing the Doors

Set your doors out with all of the corresponding hardware. This will enable you to be sure that you have all of the necessary hardware before you begin your project. Determine in which direction the doors will open. If you are installing two doors, side by side, install the hinge of your right door on the right and the left door on the left. If you are installing single doors, install the hinge on the left.

Step 4 – Attaching the Hinges to the Doors

Position the hinge onto the doors and press it into place. There should be pre-drilled holes already located on the doors. The hinge arm should hang beyond the door edge when it is fully opened. Use a pencil to mark the necessary holes for the hinge plates on the inside of your open cabinets. Use your power drill to make small pilot holes at your marked spots inside the cabinet. Secure the hinges onto the doors with your screws and screwdriver. Secure the hinge plates to the inside of the cabinet.

Step 5 – Attaching the Knobs to the Doors

Determine the best location for your door knobs. You should install the knobs on the side of the door opposite to the hinges. The knob should be located near the bottom or the top of the doors. Be sure to measure and mark the location so that it is the same on all of the doors. Secure the knobs to the doors with your screws and screwdriver.

Step 6 – Positioning the Hinge and Hinge Plate

Connect the hinge and hinge plate of one of the doors. Open the hinge and line it up with the hinge plates inside the kitchen cabinet. Be sure that the parts fit together properly. Secure the parts with the necessary hardware. Use your level to be sure the door is sitting in the proper position. If necessary, readjust the screws to the hinge and the hinge plate. Continue the process with the other doors.